Religion and Worldviews Statement


As a Church of England school, our Religion and Worldviews curriculum plays a significant role in supporting our pupils’ exploration of religious beliefs and practices. As a voluntary controlled school, we follow the Wakefield RE Syllabus and use the resource ‘Understanding Christianity’ to ensure that Christian beliefs are explored in depth and prior learning is systematically built on.

Our Religion and Worldviews curriculum provides children with the opportunity to learn about, and experience, a range of world faiths and beliefs. Hinduism and Islam are studied in depth and the thematic units of work, which are taught throughout the children’s time at Southdale, allow other religions as well as non-religious beliefs and cultures to be discussed, compared and reflected upon.

The Religion and Worldviews curriculum supports pupils to make sense of biblical text, it allows them to consider the impact that religion and belief has on people’s lives both locally and globally and it provides opportunities for children to make connections between texts, key concepts as well as their own views and understanding. Lessons are taught creatively through drama, art, debate and discussion, poetry, questioning, music, prayer and reflection. It is within these lessons that we aim to develop our children into confident, articulate and reflective learners by asking life’s big questions and providing a safe environment in which to challenge ideas studied and learn how to discuss and debate respectful


Whole School RE overview (3)