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Southdale Church of England

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We are a 7-11, Church of England school, in the heart of Ossett, in Wakefield, Yorkshire.  The school has flourished over recent years to become an outstanding, oversubscribed school, catering for 320 pupils, supported by a combined staff of over 50 adults.  Together this team forms the Southdale Community, often referred to; as the Southdale Family.  We are a community that values each individual and provides first class educational and personal development for everyone who enters our school, as a student or staff member.


Our curriculum centres on preparing our students for their continued journey onto GCSEs, A-Levels and beyond.  All of our pupils take part in English (Literacy) and Mathematics (Numeracy) lessons each day, and engage in Religious Education, Humanities, Art & Design, French, Computing, Personal and Social Education and Music lessons on a weekly basis.  Our Physical Education is also very important to us and a focus for yet further development and enhancement over the coming years.


Southdale prides itself on providing our students with a variety of challenging opportunities to support their learning and all round development. 


I hope that this short welcome and the web site as a whole give you a good introduction to our school, but do feel free to contact us with any queries you may have or to arrange a visit, if you are considering Southdale as your child’s future school.


Mr S Blake

Acting Head