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Welcome to EOCT Book Club run by Miss Austerfield. We meet every Thursday lunchtime to review the books that we are reading and further our love for reading! 


I think our current favourite as a club is Pugly Bakes a Cake, everyone is desperate to read this each week!


Keep your eyes peeled for some photographs of the fabulous creations that the members of our club are creating to show their understanding and love of the book that they have read throughout the week.


These are the books that we are currently reading in preparation for our shortlisting in January where we will shortlist our 5 favourite books! 


16/06/17 - EOCT Book Awards at Highfield School
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List of EOCT Riveting Reads 2016/2017

  1. A Galaxy Too Far - Jamie Thomson
  2. Bad Luck - Pseudonymous Bosch
  3. Ballet Stars Amazing Arabesque - Jane Lawes
  4. Bella Broomstick - Lou Kuenzler
  5. Buckle and Squash and the Land of the Giants - Sarah Courtauld
  6. Cherry Blossom Dreams - Gwyneth Rees
  7. Daisy the Festival Fairy - Daisy Meadows
  8. Danny Dread - Ben Davis
  9. Dindy and the Elephant - Elizabeth Laird
  10. Dork Diaries Drama Queen - Rachel Renee Russell
  11. Echo Comes Home - Megan Rix
  12. Ellie’s Magical Bakery - Ellie Simmonds
  13. Foxy Tails - Emma Dodd
  14. Get Shrunk Infinity Drake The Forbidden Night - John McNally
  15. It’s Alive! - Cordelia Codd
  16. Jack Dash and the Magic Feather - Sophie Plowder
  17. Mysteries of
  18. Notebooks of a Middle-School Princess - Meg Cabot
  19. Pippa Morgan’s Diary Isle of Fright
  20. Poppy’s Place - Katrina Charman
  21. Pugly Bakes a Cake - Pamela Butchart
  22. Sammy the Shy Kitten - Holly Webb
  23. Spaceman John - Johnny Smith
  24. Spring According to Humphrey - Betty Burney
  25. Stick Dog - Tom Watson
  26. Stinkbomb & Ketchup Face and the Bees of Stupidity - John Dougherty
  27. Superhero School - Aaron Reynolds
  28. The Jolley Rogers and the Monster’s Gold - Jonny Duddle
  29. The Seal’s Fate - Eoin Colfer
  30. Wilf the Mighty Worrier - Georgia Pritchett