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Our Easter Egg Competition Winner

Our Easter Egg Competition Winner 1

I have been amazed this term with all the fantastic homework that has been coming in! Well done to all the children for working so hard and showing off the Southdale Sparkle at home.

Teamwork Maths - 2/2/18

Science 1/2/18

Science 1/2/18 1 Exploring how sounds change over a distance.

Friendship - Spring 1 Value.

12/01/18 Drumming Lesson

11/01/18 Good Vibrations!

Southdale Sparkle Poems

Anti-bullying reminder 08.12.17

There is a letter going out today as a reminder about bullying and how to talk to your child about it. There is a copy attached below.

Final Volleyball Lesson 6/12/17

Science - Classification keys! 4/12/17

Cross Country - 28.11.17

On Tuesday 28th November, we went down to the field to support 8 children from our class in a cross country event. We are so proud of all the runners and to top off a fantastic event, we were the year 4 winners! We were too busy cheering to get photos whilst we were there, but we have some pictures of the runners and us celebrating the win. 

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Maths Lessons

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We have been focusing lots on our times tables this term. We have used songs to help make our learning fun. Here is a little clip of us in action!

English Lessons

For English this week, we have been doing some worked based on Anti-Bullying Week. We have used the video 'For The Birds' by Pixar to inspire our writing and get us thinking about how we treat others. We have used drama to help us unpick the video a bit more by focusing in on the feelings and main events. This has helped us to write some fantastic diary entries from the perspective of the Big Bird. 

4SF PE Lessons

We are very lucky to have a sports coach in for this term to teach us some fantastic volleyball skills. We have been practicing how to set and volley balls using the correct footwork and positions to help us succeed. Take a look at some photos of us in action! 

First Aid Lesson

On Friday 3rd Novemeber, we had an online lesson by St John Ambulance. They taught us life-saving skills and safety on Bonfire Night. The children have learnt what to do if someone has a burn injury, if someone is choking and what to do when they call 999 or 112. This knowledge is precious, as it may one day, save someones life. Well done to all the children for being very grown-up throughout the lesson and for listening so well. We took some pictures of the skills we learnt when someone is choking. 

St John Ambulance First Aid Online Lesson

An Eggs-cellent Eggs-periment!


During our first term we have been learning all about the Digestive System. Teeth are a vital part to our digestive system and we have been learning about why is is important to look after them. We decided to do an experiment about the effects different liquids can have on our teeth if we don't brush them. We had 5 hard boiled eggs and left them in water, Diet Coke, Regular Coke, orange juice and squash for a week. It was pretty gross when we took them out to examine them, but we have learnt a lot! We then went on to look at Food Chains and created our own food chains using pictures. 

PE Lessons!

In PE we are working on our gymnastics skills. We have been looking at balances on a different number of points. Here are a few pictures of our lessons. 

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Picture 4

A group showing off their fantastic balances routine.

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Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl  1 We had a great day dressing up!

We had a great day on Wednesday 13th September celebrating Roald Dahl Day. We came in to school dressed as our favourite character and had lots of activities based on the book The Twits. We wrote our own Anti-Twit Good Thoughts Poem and in the afternoon we created our own drawing of Mr Twit.

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