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Dates for the Diary

06/12/17 - Nativity Dress Rehearsal to school

07/12/17 -  Viking Day

                - School Disco

08/12/17 – Author Conrad Burdekin writing and drama workshops

11/12/17 – Nativity production in school

14/12/17 – Christmas Roadshow

                - Nativity production in Church

15/12/17 - Christmas Jumper Day

22/12/17 - Break up for Christmas!




Autumn 2 Newsletter

The newsletter went out today. View a copy by clicking on the link.

Thank you, The Year 3 Team

Vicious Vikings!

On Friday, we were very lucky to have the fantastic author, Conrad Burdekin, visit us! Not only did he tell us some of his fantastic stories/poems, but he also delivered an inspiring ,creative drama/writing workshop all about the vicious Vikings! We all had the chance to become a horrible Viking, and created our own version of Conrad's Viking story. Come back soon Conrad!

Anti-bullying reminder 08.12.17

There is a letter going out today as a reminder about bullying and how to talk to your child about it. There is a copy attached below.

Viking days (Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December 2017)

We are getting very excited about the next couple of Viking themed days. We will be learning lots about the Vikings tomorrow from how they lived to the end of the Viking era in 1066. On Friday, Conrad Burkin will be visiting to carry out writing and drama workshops with the children. He has some very funny poetry books which he will be sharing with the children too. He does sell his books and if you are interested in getting one there is a letter attached below with all of the information. The letter will be sent out tomorrow (7/12/17) as well.

Nativity arrangements

Please see a copy of the letter sent out today 04/12/17. There is lots of information about the nativity and hopefully should answer most questions you have. If you need any more information then please get in touch.

Spelling words (WB 27/11/17)

This week, we are focusing on the spelling rule words with a short 'u' sound spelt with 'ou'.

At home, you could practice writing out these words, and if you really want a challenge, you could use these words in your own sentences. For example, The young boy was in enough trouble for one day.! 
This is not a spelling test. We would just like to encourage you to practice this spelling rule as much as possible.  




young (our word of the week!)









Car Rolling Experiment

In science , we teamed up with 3SP to continue to investigate friction further! We used different materials to test how much friction would occur when a car was released down a ramp onto the materials. I wonder if you could have a look at some different materials at home and predict whether they would create lots of friction or hardly any friction! 

Wibbly Wobbly Jelly Experiment

In science, we have been learning about forces, with a focus on friction. We had some fun testing how long it would take us to move jelly into another bowl, but we were only allowed to use chopsticks! To make this even more tricky, we then added cooking oil to our bowls, so it became very very VERY slippy! We discussed how this meant that there was hardly any friction! Take a look at us trying to move the jelly!

Times tables

In Year 3, we need to be able to recall our 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10 times tables. If you can get any opportunity to practice these at home then that would be fantastic! 3ZR are incredible singers, so I thought they might enjoy this game below! You can practice with and without a voice chanting them, and you can experiment with different sounds! Don't forget once you have learnt these times tables, feel free to learn any of the others too!



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Fossil Rocks Anthem!

To consolidate our learning this half term, we had some fun learning the fossils rock anthem! Not only did this allow us to practice our beautiful singing voices, we also had the chance to learn the dance moves that go with the words! The children have been waiting to share this with you at home! Happy singing!

The link is here:


We are fabulous gymnasts!

Every Wednesday afternoon, we are lucky enough to have a PE specialist that comes into school to teach us some gymnastics! We are particularly focusing on different movements, shapes and balances!

Fantastic Fossils

This week in science, we started to look at how different types of fossils are formed. To really see how this happens, we watched a video clip and discussed our ideas. Then, we used some salt dough to create our own fossil moulds! At first the dough was a bit sticky but we solved the problem by kneading it into some flour. Once we were happy with our shape, we imprinted a toy dinosaur or a piece of lego into the dough and carefully took it back out. Have a look at some of our fossils below!

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Science is fun!!


Today in our science lesson, we continued to look at different types of rocks. We became investigators and worked in teams to group together rocks in many different ways! After this, we tested the permeability, durability and density of rocks such as: marble, slate, pumice and chalk. The children were shocked to discover that one rock actually floats! See if they can remember which one it is!  

Estimating numbers on a number line

Today in maths we went outside to create our own human number line. We worked as a team to place numbers on our number line, ranging from 0 to 1000. Back in the classroom, some of us became the teacher for some of the lesson, and taught the rest of the class some top tips to sensibly place numbers in an accurate position.

European Café Day

On Thursday 28th September, Year 3 had the opportunity to show off all the amazing hard work we have been doing over the past month. Our European artist was Henry Moore, and we have created fact files, sketches and clay sculptures based upon his work. Below are some pictures of our final finished pieces of work, alongside some of the fun lesson work we did! We hope you enjoyed the afternoon!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park School Trip!

On Friday 22nd September, we visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield to experience some Henry Moore sculptures first hand! As we rode into the park on the coach, the children eagerly spotted some Moore sculptures and could not wait to get up close! Throughout the morning, we spent time sketching some of his sculptures, using the skills we had learnt in class, and we explored the nature in the forest! Every year 3 pupil thoroughly enjoyed the visit!

Clay sculpture making!

We have been making our own Henry Moore clay sculptures over the past week and we cannot wait to show you them on Thursday!


Roald Dahl Day!

We had a fantastic day on Wednesday 13th September celebrating Roald Dahl's birthday!

The children came dressed up as their favourite character from one of his classic books, and even the teachers dressed up too!