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Fantastic Ancient Egyptian homework projects

Thank you and a huge well done to all of the children (and grown ups) who worked so hard on their homework projects. I am so impressed with everything you brought in.

Spellings for test on 04.07.17

These are the last of the commonly misspelt words. get ready for next weeks latest chapter of the spellings story...

Spellings for test on Tuesday 4th July
~commonly misspelt words

Science Week - Bottle Rockets

When we get back after half term we are having Science week where we have been set the challenge to make and launch our own bottle rockets. There is a prize for the winning rocket so get some research done! This may help... 

Happy holidays
I hope you're all having a lovely holiday. Who has managed to tick anything off their 'National Trust 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4' list? You could even download the app

Finished Shadow Puppets

What do you think of our shadow puppets? We worked hard all week to create these final products and we are very proud of them. Mrs Randall is so impressed with how hard we worked, designing, problem solving for ourselves, creating our own templates and prototypes and then making our final product. From start to finish these have all been our own work. Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to help cut and glue and to the final assembly - we loved having you.

Inspire day 25/05/17

Shadow puppets

What a fantastic day we have had. Thank you to all of the support from our families - we loved having you in school. Hopefully you will agree, the children have worked brilliantly, thinking for themselves, problem solving and improving daily. I'm very proud - well done 3/4RR!

Hockey in the sunshine today 22/05/17

Today we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a hockey lesson. We thoroughly enjoyed it and everyone had great fun as well as listening well and working very hard. Well done 3/4 RR you are all awesome!

Design and Technology - Shadow Puppets

Day 1

Today we have been researching how shadows are made, shadow puppets and suitable materials to use to make our shadow puppets. We have experimented to find the strongest way to create moving parts on our puppets. We have also designed our puppets and have begun to create our prototypes. 

Watch this page for more photographs to follow over the next few days.

HELP - we need cereal boxes and 2 litre pop bottles please (ready for puppet making and rocket making).


Spellings for test on 23/05/17

Your homework is to use all of your spelling words to create a word search and then challenge someone from your family to find all of the words. Use the words in sentences as this will help you to learn them - you could even put them into a story like I do each week when I test you. 

Let's get together 

Tomorrow (Thursday 18/05/17) is Christian Aid day and we are dressing in the colours of the Tanzanian flag. We support a school in Kinyariri, in Tanzania, and half of the money raised this year will go towards helping the school rebuild sections of the building with the other half going to help the refugee crisis. Any donations of buns and cakes tomorrow would be appreciated as we will then sell these throughout the day - remember to bring £1 to buy some goodies.


Thinking mail

This week we are thinking about people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We thought about what we have in school and then thought about what life is like for children in Sierra Leone. The children did a fantastic job working a teams and had some very compassionate conversations. I'm very proud of all of you.


Dojo and Privilege Card winners

Well done super stars no

Spellings for Tuesday 16th May 2017

Commonly misspelt words 


We are beginning writing stories which included a dilemma for the characters to work through. What should they do and what will the consequences of their actions be?

The children worked as teams to create their own dilemma scenarios and then planned and acted them out for the class to guess the dilemma. Who knew we had a class full of such talented actors and actresses. 


Dojo and Privilege card winner

Well done super stars smiley

Bagshaw Museum

What a fantastic day we had! We have learned so much and had such a good time. Enjoy looking through the photographs from the day. smiley

Ancient Egypt

Play the game and escape from the Mummy while finding out some interesting facts.

Class trip tomorrow (27.04.17)

We are going on a trip to the Bagshaw Museum to learn all about Ancient Egypt - we can't wait to become experts!

Super star Dojo winner

Well done to our science super star. A fully deserved win this week smiley

Privilege card winners!

Well done to all of our children who received privilege cards this week. We had lots of super stars



For testing on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

Prefixes and how they change the word.

un - not

dis - not

mis - not

re - again

bi - two

pre - before

over - too much

Well done and a huge thank you for all taking part in Red Nose Day 2017. I know we will have raised a great amount of money for this very worthy charity. The children have dressed in red and some have taken part in a baking competition as well as buying the much loved red noses. We have also talked about why we are raising money and the good that it does around the word. Thank you again indecision




Class super stars w/e 24th March 2017

Well done to all of our winners this week. Another week of hard work and lots of fun too smiley

Spellings 21.03.17

Homophones and near homophones.

These words are not too tricky to spell but choosing the correct word is the hard part. When you practise the spellings make sure you use them in sentences so you know which word to use where. For example;  Whose shoes are those? Who's responsible for all of this mess?

We are reporters laugh

In English we have been working hard on the skills we need to be newspaper reporters. We need to make sure our reports go into the newspaper and not the shredder! We have used quotes, made sure we have used strong and reliable facts, headlines and concise by-lines. We even recreated the scene from a terrible accident to help get our report writing going.

Have a go on this website (it needs flash - sorry!). You need to improve the headlines.


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Fraction detectives

Last week we worked hard on learning how to work out equivalent (equal) fractions using bar models. We can now work out, for example, an equivalent fraction for 11/25. We are so clever!frown



A huge well done to all of our class super stars from Friday the 17th of March 2017 smiley


Please remember to go on 'My maths' at home if you can. It will help you with your maths learning and will help explain any areas you are feeling a little stuck on.

The bar model

Fractions? No problem when you use the bar model. Work on your skills on the web page below. (Please note - the site uses some American vocabulary such as dimes and quarters but the maths is still the same!).

Fractions of amounts

We have been working hard on fractions and using the bar model we have shown a very good understanding of fractions. Below is a link to a fraction bingo game. Have a go and challenge yourself!

Spellings 14.03.17

Commonly misspelt words - we have been through all of the words and where mistakes tend to happen. Keep working on these and Mrs Randall will try and put all of the words into another exciting 'Zoo' story next week when it's spelling test time.


Celebrations for 3/4RR

Well done to team winners 'The invisibles' and the Dojo, book review and Privilege raffle winners of the week. You are all super stars no


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World Book Day 2017

Just a few of our class fantastic World Book Day costumes. We really enjoyed celebrating books and their enormous value. Remember to enjoy a bed time story!

Spellings WB 06.02.17

Commonly misspelt words

Spellings wb 30.01.17

'ou' spelling pattern making an 'u' short vowel sound

Spellings wb 23.01.17

Plurals - more than one

When you practise think about the singular and the changes you make to the spelling of the word to make it into a plural.

Skipping superstars

We have thoroughly enjoyed our skipping sessions and it has been wonderful to see the children enjoying themselves skipping in the playground.

Here are a few pictures to show a sample from our skipping workshop.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Privilege and Dojo winners 13.01.17

Well done boys, great work ethic and behaviour indecision


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Picture 1

Privilege raffle and Dojo winners this week

Well done boys, well deserved smiley


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Spellings WB 9th January 2017

Tricky spellings this week with the -que (k) and -gue (g) spelling pattern


Maths multiplication challenge

For this challenge we had to work with our partner to complete the multiplication jigsaw as quickly as possible. We are getting very good at recalling our timetables.

Class flyer for Spring 2017

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Practise your times tables

Here is a bingo game you can play to practise any of your times tables. Remember to challenge yourself and don't just stick to the ones you can do.

It uses flash so it's not tablet friendly - sorry.

Cave discoveries

We love caves in 3/4 RR and I have noticed this interesting report on Newsround about new species discovered in hidden caves. Enjoy watching...unless you don't like creepy crawlies!


Here is a copy of the letter about the nativity dates and ticket information. Another letter about extra tickets will be sent out early week beginning the 28th of November.

Bug Club

Read to your hearts content with our addition to our home readers. Log on to...

...and test your understanding of the books you read whilst collecting points and then swapping the points for prizes!

It works on ipads/tablets too no

Privilege raffle winner

Lots of entries into the raffle this week, well done team 3/4RR indecision

Dojo super star frown

An outright winner due to her sign language knowledge!


Money, money, money...

A game which is tablet friendly to practise giving change. Use your column subtraction to work out the change to give.

We don't mean to brag but.....WE WON THE GOLDEN BROOM AGAIN!

Readers of the week 18.11.16

Well done to our readers, consistently reading at home, great stuff no

Spellings to be tested on Monday the 21st of November


Words which sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Grown ups you will need to work on these within sentences to ensure your child understands which spelling goes with which meaning.


Their hair is wet because it has been raining heavily.

The Lego boxes are over there on top of the bookshelves.

Dojo super master...Khai

Well done Khai, extra special effort this week frown

Privilege raffle winner...Harry!

Awesome Harry, well done no

Readers of the week 11.11.16

We had 5 this week (I'm going to need a bigger bench!)

Well done all of you smiley

Photos from the trip to the Yorkshire museum- Year 4

Feeding time at the zoo surprise

The traffic won't dampen our spirits!


Year 4 trip to York

And we're off...

Year 3 Trip to York

We had such a fantastic day. Smiles all round smiley

Wear appropriate footwear today so you don't get wet feet!

School trip to the Yorkshire Museum in York

We are very excited about the trip to find out more about the Stone Age.

Year 3 - Wednesday 9th of November 2016

Year 4 - Thursday 10th of November 2016

  • Remember to come to school in full school uniform.
  • You MUST wear sensible shoes and a warm coat.
  • You can bring hats and gloves but make sure you have somewhere to put them to keep them safe while we are at the museum.
  • You will need your own packed lunch with a drink for lunch time and a bottle of water as well. These will need to be carried in your rucksack. You DO NOT need anything else.



Spelling help

Use this look, cover, write, check game to help with practising your spellings. You can put in your own spellings to practise.

Go for it!



Awesome Maths!

Today we had the BEST maths lesson. We had a reasoning problem to solve which was as follows:

We have the number cards 1 - 20. They must be put into 6 unequal piles. The problem is all of the piles must equal the same number. We worked in pairs and then as a class shared how far we had got. We worked out part of the problem and then continued until we had SUCCESS! Three teams managed to work out the problem. Well done all teams for super teamwork.


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Picture 2
Picture 3

Readers of the week 4.11.16

Huge congratulations to our super readers: Kye, Khai, Sadie and Madison. Prizes all round no

Privilege card raffle winner is...

Neave! Well done Neave, you are a very polite young lady indecision




Team point winners are...FIRE

Well done Fire, well deserved with a comfortable win this week.


Dojo points winner is...Layla!

Well done young lady, you have contributed so well this week and it is super to see you growing in confidence all of the time frown

Rock Maniac Alert!!

Charlie has been investigating. He managed to break a pebble open and we think he was lucky and found a fossil. He even made a book documenting the occasion! Let us know what you think...



Our fossils were a success! We made the mould and cast fossils using salt dough. We made the mould fossil by imprinting a lego brick and then filling the mould imprint with glue to act as sediment. We let the glue 'sediment' dry and the removed it as a cast fossil.


Spellings 01.11.16

'y' making a short vowel 'i'

Keep working on those times tables! Here is another game (Tablet friendly)


Times table loop game and more...(flash so for PC)

A bit of a clue about next half terms English work...Dragons devil

Brush up on your Stone Age facts before we go on our trip to the Yorkshire Museum

Reader of the week 21.10.16

A regular book worm...Jake! smiley

Winner of the most Dojos collected 21.10.16 was.....Maisie!

Team of the Week 21.10.16 ....Earthsmiley


The Privilege Card raffle winner 21.10.16 is.....Liam!

Spellings 21.10.16

Suffix -ation (sounds like 'ashon')


- words which end in a y, drop the y add and i and a c then -ation 

- words which end in an e drop the e and add -ation 


Our theme over this half term has been respect. We are a respectful class and we think about being respectful in lots of ways.  One way we discussed is respecting our world.  We started talking about litter and how it ruins our planet.  Sea plastic is a huge issue facing our oceans and Charlie took it upon himself to draw a fantastic picture depicting this issue. Well done Charlie, we love it!

The Privilege Card raffle winner 14.10.16 is.....Roberta!

Team of the Week 14.10.16 ....Air again! smiley

Winner of the most Dojos collected 14.10.16 was.....Matty!


Readers of the week 14.10.16

An amazing week, what super readers! smiley

Calling all rock maniacs

Have a go on this website to test your rock knowledge

Huge well done to both the children and grown ups of 3/4 RR.

We had fantastic spelling test results this week with almost everyone in the class geting full marks. I'm so impressed, please keep up the good work. Give yourselves a huge round of applause!

Time Portal Art

As part of our 'Stone Age to Iron Age' topic we created a time portal to take us back in time during our lessons. We worked completely independently in our teams and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Spellings 10.10.16

Spellings this week are looking at the prefixes pre- which means 'before' inter- which means 'between' sub- which means 'below' and semi- which means 'half' or 'partly'

We have again practised these and made some pictures around them (see below)

Readers of the week 07.10.16

Well done to Emily and Sadie our readers of the week! Great work girls smiley

Winner of the most Dojos collected 7.10.16 was.....Layla!


Team of the Week 7.10.16 ....Air!

The Privilege Card raffle winner 7.10.16 is.....Max!

Spellings 03.10.16

Spellings this week are looking at the prefix re- which means 'again'

We have again practised these and made some pictures around them (see below)

We are...artists

Our first art lesson was all about the primary and seconday colours and colour mixing. Team work is always a priority in our class with getting all of the aprons on smiley

Readers of the week 30.09.16

Well done to Jake and Alfie our readers of the week! Great work boys smiley


Please, please, please bring in your photograph concent forms Year 3's as I can't put any photographs on until I have all of them and we have so much to share with all of your grown ups!

Picture 1

Spellings 26.09.16

To be tested on Monday the 3rd of October

We have been learning to spell words with the prefix un (not/opposite)

We have looked at different ways to remember them (see the picture)

A list of the spellings is below. Don't forget to bring in your green spelling books to gain your Dojo points!

Readers of the week 23.09.16

Well done to the readers of the week Kye and Alfie. Great work boys!


Readers of the week 16.09.16

Well done to Alfie and Emily for being our first the readers of the week.

Don't forget to try and change your books at least once a week and remember, it's not just being able to read them you must be able to talk about what you have read and understood.

Classroom rules

When we started the school year we came up with our class rules which we try to stick to all day long. Have a look below.