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Are you ready to be a Viking?

Play this game and make decisions about your raid. Will you be a successful Viking or not?

Maths investigation time

Using their place value skills, the children we challenged to a maths investigation which they thoroughly enjoyed. When you need to work lots of tricky maths out, you need a big space. So, tables it is!

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Fossil making

In science we have been learning about how fossils are made and the different types. We made our own cast and mold fossils and are looking forward to checking out the results when our 'pebble fossils' have dried out.


We are gymnasts

We have been very lucky over the last few weeks to have been working with our sports coach Steve. He has been helping us improve our gymnastics skills and we are thoroughly enjoying it. Here are some photos of today's positions.

Rock investigators

We are learning about rocks in science and have been studying how they are formed, the different types and most recently their properties. Below are a few photos from our investigations last Friday. 

New reading books

The new reading book library is now up and running and the children are enjoying choosing their own books and getting busy reading. This is a fantastic resource which is providing the children with the opportunity to become avid, independent readers. You can support your child at home by reading a page of their book with them and really concentrating on asking them lots of questions about the text. You can discuss prediction, interpretation of vocabulary, asking questions about what is happening in the text and why and summarising the section read. Most children can then carry on reading independently. Once they have read their book, they can return it to school and complete a quiz about the book. If they score over half marks on the quiz they gain those points (up to the full points for full marks). As we know, 'points mean prizes' so ensure your child has read carefully and make sure they know what the book is about.

Some photos below of the children when they had chosen their first book.

Place value game

Practise your knowledge of place value using Hundreds, Tens and Ones using the link below.

Editing our writing

Today (29.09.17) we have been learning how to edit and improve our writing. We use SURPRISES which helps us to carefully check and improve our work. 

SURPRISES stands for - 

Say the writing in our head

Under breath (mumble the writing)

Read the writing aloud

Punctuation check

Read and improve the openers

Improve word choice/spellings

Say the writing in our heads again - has it improved?

Expand sentences (expanded noun phrases, using conjunctions, adverbial phrases)

Share the work with a partner - what do they think?

This process really helped to guide us in checking and improving our writing. We want to keep getting better and better.

Wet Play (29.09.17)

Do you ever wonder what we get up to when it is wet play? Well, we play together and get creative!

Maths (28.09.17) - Estimating numbers on a number line

We took our maths work outside today. We have been learning to estimate the position of numbers up to 1000 on a number line. We made a human number line and then had different starting and ending points e.g. 0-100 and 0-1000. The children then either had to position themselves on a given number or chose a number themselves and then move to where they thought the number would be. We then went back to class and worked in this in our maths books.

Don't forget


We have our European Cafe afternoon this Thursday (28/09/17) from 2.30pm to 4.00pm. You are warmly invited to come and see all of the art every year group has been doing in school over the last couple of weeks. The Year 3 art will be shown in the corridor near Miss Parry's classroom. You are also welcome to come and have a look around the Year 3 outside classrooms (3RR and 3ZR) from 3.30pm to 4.00pm as we hope you will find this a good opportunity to see the environment your children are learning in every day. 

Great website for home

I found out about this really useful website today and wanted to share it with you. It is called Oxford Owls and has lots of resources for you to use at home. It has activities and tips around reading and has 250 free ebooks to read! The best thing of all, it's FREE. 

Click on the link below to go to the site.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Friday 22nd September 2017

We had an absolutely fantastic visit to the Sculpture Park. We were so lucky with the weather and had a gloriously sunny morning for our visit. The highlight was the first view of a Henry Moore sculpture. The children gasped as they spotted it through the window of the bus. They enjoyed seeing a range of sculptures from Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Tony Cragg and are becoming very accomplished at sketching. They behaved brilliantly and made Southdale very proud. Thank you children smiley

We were also very lucky to have five parents helpers on the trip with us. We could not have gone ahead without your support and the Year 3 team and the children are very grateful to you for giving up a morning of your time to accompany us on the trip. Thank you ladies. 

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Don't forget it is our school trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park tomorrow (Friday 22nd September 2017). If it is wet overnight you may want to wear your wellies or trainers as we will be walking on grass and it will be soggy! Bring your school shoes in a bag to put on later. We'll be adding lots of photographs from the day so keep looking for updates.

Maths 21/09/17

Place value

Today we were investigating the place value of numbers. We used different ways to represent numbers and worked really well as teams. 

Sports Day 19/09/17

What a fantastic day we had. Unfortunately due to the heavy rain overnight the field was too wet for it to be safe for the children to compete on so we had to rearrange the activities for the school playground. This didn't stop us having a wonderful time with ALL children competing in ALL activities. They were shattered by lunch time! Here are some photographs of our mini athletes. Well done everyone for taking part with such great team spirit. 


The children have been sent home with their new homework folders today. Please find below a link to a copy of their homework. Thank you smiley


BFG Dream Catchers

As part of Roald Dahl day we made dream catchers inspired by his book, 'The BFG'. We had to show huge perseverance and resilience when making them as they were very fiddly with lots of little knots to tie but we succeeded and are very proud of the finished products. There are some photos of some examples below.

Roald Dahl Day 2017

We have had a fantastic day today celebrating the stories of the well-loved author, Roald Dahl. We read a chapter from George's Marvellous Medicine and then wrote a list of all of the ingredients George used in his recipe as well as discussing the language used in recipes and writing the instructions about how to make the 'Marvellous Medicine'.

We also read most of the newly released 'Billy and the Minpins' which has been recently illustrated by Quentin Blake. We draw images of the tree where the Minpins live including details from our imaginations fired up from listening to the text.

In the afternoon, we talked about another great book, the BFG. We made our own dream catchers all by ourselves, cutting, decorating, threading and tying knots. As well as this we watched the live Webcast run by Puffin books and followed a step by step drawing lesson by Quentin Blake himself! We finished the day with a 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' obstacle course. Phew! What a fun packed day.

Enjoy having a look at the wonderful costumes the children came to school in. Thank you for donating £1 which will be donated to charity.

Trip into Ossett Town Centre

On Tuesday we went on a walk to Ossett town centre to look for sculptures, statues and carvings to link with our 'European Artist' topic. The children behaved brilliantly and set a super Southdale example. We spotted carvings in lots of buildings and some interesting statues. Here is a picture of 3RR next to one of them.

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Class news letter

The class newsletter was given out last week. Hopefully it will give you some information about what to expect now you have joined Southdale and what is to come over the next half term. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to speak to me (Mrs Randall) after school or alternatively you are welcome to call the school office to make an appointment. A copy of the news letter is available through the link below.


We have spent time as a class coming up with rules which we think will help our class work well over the next year. What do you think?
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PA of the Day

Look how lucky I've been today having two Personal Assistants to help me in class. You did a splendid job boys, thank you! smiley